Conscious Capitalism goes carbon neutral in Los Angeles


Purpose X Profit Conference


December 2018


Carbon neutrality, waste minimization, green marketplace

Conscious Capitalism is an organization built on the idea that business can be about more than profit. To help the Los Angeles chapter align their values around sustainability and ethical business, Future Friendly Events worked with local board members. We crafted practical and cost-effective sustainable event goals and charted a course for achieving them. As a result, the 2018 Purpose X Profit conference in LA will have a significantly improved sustainability profile.

What we accomplished:


Achieved carbon neutrality: Measured carbon footprint, identified emission reduction opportunities, purchased verified carbon offsets.


Helped minimized waste: Worked with venue, vendors, and attendees to try and reduce the amount of material headed to a landfill.


Developed green marketplace guidelines: Ensured that participating brands were in alignment with event sustainability goals.