Here at Future Friendly Events, we help to make events as sustainable as possible and guide you through the process every step of the way. We work to address the major sources of impact and amplify the benefits associated with planning and producing events. We always work within your budget.

If you would like to learn more about our certification process, access our guidance document, or discuss pricing please contact us.


Climate Protection

We help you create a carbon neutral event

You can help protect our climate by minimizing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions to the greatest extent possible. This includes fully offsetting event carbon emissions including air and ground travel, food & beverages, accommodations, and the event venue(s).


Food & Beverage

We help you source better food and drinks

Support more sustainable food systems while providing healthy nourishment for guests and staff during your event. This includes requiring organic, local, and seasonal products to the greatest extent possible and requesting Fair Trade Certified items as applicable (e.g. coffee, chocolate, bananas).



we help you create a zero waste event 

The kinds and amounts of waste your event creates says a lot about your brand. You’ll want to minimize the potential impacts associated with materials used for your event. By creating a Zero Waste event, you’ll be able to ensure that nothing goes to a landfill because everything is recycled or composted.



Let’s make your event worker-friendly

Every event gives your brand the opportunity to help foster worker-friendly organizations that protect people and equitably share in the benefits of success. Careful research and informed questions can help ensure that workers are paid a living wage, receive benefits, and are free to be members of a union.



Choosing a green venue makes it all easier

Helping you select an event venue(s) with elevated energy and water efficiency as well other ecosystem benefits makes hosting a sustainable event much easier. Demonstrating a preference for certified green buildings like Living Building Challenge or LEED Platinum in your selection process is a good starting point.



Make it socially inclusive and physically accessible

Thoughtful planning will mean that everyone who wants to participate in your event, can. Providing on-site childcare and considering the physical needs of guests or attendees will make people feel welcome, productive, and valued.


Future Friendly Event certification includes guidance designed to minimize impacts and maximize benefits for five key areas (climate, food & beverage, materials, workers, venue, accessibility) related to event planning and production.

Guidance for each key area includes sections on minimum requirements for certification, recommended best practices, leadership options, and a description of our verification process.

Our guidance is based on international standards, but is simplified for ease of implementation and expanded to address gaps in social impact and equity.

If you would like to learn more about our certification process, access our guidance document, or discuss pricing, please contact us.