We help you create more sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible events.


Demonstrate Your Commitment

Most people wonder about the impacts of hosting and attending events like conferences, weddings, or meetings. Sometimes your guests are flying and driving from far away. You’re usually serving food and beverages. Sometimes you end up using lots of disposable products that end up in the trash. Many different kinds of service people are working hard to ensure your event is successful. Sometimes people need thoughtful accommodation to ensure that the event is accessible and inclusive.

Making your event more sustainable demonstrates your commitment to values and principles that many attendees share. Events are an unparalleled opportunity to walk your talk.

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Over 4 lbs

of waste generated per day by the average conference attendee


per hour median wage for non-union hotel housekeeping staff


of carbon emissions associated with events from attendee air travel


Future Friendly Events allows you to host events in a way that aligns with the values of your organization and your guests. For example, a Future Friendly Event will help you:

·      Protect our climate by offsetting carbon emissions

·      Provide more sustainable food & beverages

·      Select worker-friendly service providers and venues

·      Reduce waste and use better materials and products

·      Ensure that the event is accessible and inclusive

·      Implement other sustainable event best practices

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Our Service

Organizations and individuals that want to host events in a more responsible and ethical way are working with Future Friendly Events. We help to make events as sustainable as possible and guide you through process every step of the way. We work to address the major sources of impact and amplify the benefits associated with planning and producing events. We always work within your budget. Many events can be made significantly more sustainable in cost-neutral ways.


“Events allow attendees to directly interact with a brand. If you’re a responsible brand, your event should be too.”

— Colin price, FOUNDER


Our service is the easiest and most credible way to show your event guests that you are committed to protecting people and the planet. When you partner with Future Friendly Events, you’ll be able to publicly share your commitment by displaying our “Certified Future Friendly Event” digital badge and description on event websites and marketing materials.

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Credible & Comprehensive

Future Friendly Events service is based on sustainable event standards and guidance developed by international standards organizations. This allows us to provide a credible and comprehensive approach to sustainable event planning and management. You can be confident that your commitment to a more sustainable event is authentic and credible when you certify with Future Friendly Events. We bring deep sustainability and social impact expertise to event planning and production.

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